Cobb 07-10+ Mazdaspeed3 / 06-07 Mazdaspeed6 AccessPORT V3

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COBB Tuning Mazda Accessport V3 programmers have large, full-color, high-resolution screens that allow you to monitor up to six parameters in real time. They are fully customizable from the look (multiple bezel colors), layout (race, street, or dyno gauge clusters), and mounting options.

The Accessport is the world's best-selling, most flexible, and easiest-to-use Mazda ECU upgrade solution. Unlock power hidden within by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. Follow COBB's staged upgrade path with pre-loaded off-the-shelf (OTS) maps or use custom-mapping for any modification level.

COBB Tuning Mazda Accessport V3 programmers feature:

* In-vehicle mount, with on/off switch
* Interchangeable faceplates
* Simple installation: Everything is included; intuitive on-screen instructions identify your exact vehicle and available maps
* Simple uninstall: Return your ECU to exactly as it was before with the easy-to-use Uninstall option from the main menu
* Troubleshooting: Read codes, clear codes, identify vehicle, I/M readiness, keep alive memory, memory snapshot, reset ECU
* Change maps: Store up to 100 maps from COBB's OTS map database or from your favorite COBB tuner; quickly switch between them for any need
* Gauges: Use the Accessport as gauges to monitor boost or any other live information, directly from the ECU
* Data logging: Record multiple data channels simultaneously for in-depth evaluation of engine performance; stores up to 10 hours
* Performance measuring: Measure 0-60 time, 60-foot and 1/4 mile ETs, and trap speed
* Shift light: Set custom RPM warning lights for perfect shifts
* AP Manager: Download free; use a PC or Mac to manage maps, download data logs, or quickly update your Accessport

Mazda specific features:

* Advanced Tuning Settings: Dial-in performance features on the Accessport; simply enable "Advanced Tuning Settings"
* Launch Control: Builds boost and generates instant horsepower off the line; can be adjusted before each flash
* Flat Foot Shift: Keep the throttle on the floor and maintain boost between gears; can be dialed-in before each flash
* Wastegate Duty Cycle: Adjust during flashes (-50 to +10 percent) to correct under boost, over boost, and boost cut conditions (requires COBB OTS maps)

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Cobb Ap

Shipping was super fast, came in one day, I was surprised, everything was perfect until I saw the screen on the AP. there was a couple blemishes and I tried to rub them off but they didn't come off. Doesn't really affect the ap only cosmetic issue I found. This is party cobb's fault for producing such a cheap piece of material for the screen. I was a little disappointed on cobb's behalf. Thanks to CNT for supplying this product much cheaper than the competition!

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