CNT Racing V3 2015-2018 WRX/STi Sedan axleback 4 inch tip W/ muffler Quad Tip Exhaust Systems silver tip


  • $400.00

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This latest version has better over fitment.
The CNT Racing V3 Axle-back with muffler exhaust for the 2015 up WRX and STI. This is the easiest way to get a little bit more noise and performance out of your WRX or STi.
Stainless stee Piping
Includes Gaskets
Quad 4" Double Wall stagger stainless tip
Will not fit SPT mid pipe 

4 inch muffler
Easy Installation
Increased Performance and Sound

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
2015 wrx

Amazing product for even better price

Great value axleback

Purchased this axleback on sale last week for my newly acquired 2018 WRX limited and I'm very happy with it. Wanted to add a slightly louder exhaust note that would showcase the sound of the new FA20 motor along with a more aggressive look out the back without being overbearing or a cop magnet and this is just what I was looking for. The 4 inch tips look awesome out the back and fill the cutouts fairly well, perhaps if they were 1/4" higher they would be perfect. Not a whole lot louder than stock: cold start up is a bit louder, but driving around town with the music on or cruising at highway speeds, I can barely hear it. Perfect for a daily driver, IMO. The other reviews regarding refinement and lack of drone or rasp are spot on. Build quality is excellent, shipping was super fast and free. Hard to go wrong with this product when similar 4" tipped double walled axlebacks with mufflers on the market can run almost twice the price of this. Thanks CNT.

Great for the price

Just bought this a couple weeks ago and now it’s on sale! Sound is good, not too loud at cruise. My only complaint is the way it fits in the cutouts, both sides seem a to fit a little low and to the outside of the opening. This is on a 19 wrx so I don’t think my hangars are worn out, I’ll have to take it to an exhaust shop and see what can be done?

Just what I was looking for!

For $400 delivered this is just what I wanted. 4" tips, 4" muffler, they look and sound great. The tone is nice and low, not raspy, not too loud on start up but much improved over stock. I have a 90 mile commute and no drone under 70mph, can't speak about higher mph. Daily driving is also great, you can hear it but it's nice. Even when you get on it, it sounds great but not obnoxious. I was looking for an axleback that would give some life to my car, this is perfect for me. Also great for the neighborhood. Love the 4" tips! Shipped very fast, thanks CNT!

2016 CVT WRX

Great price, fast shipping, easy to install, looks great, sounds great, what’s not to love! I spent hours watching YouTube videos of axlebacks (with and without mufflers), and catback exhausts, which got me no closer to making a decision. I came to the conclusion that no matter how many videos I watch, I really have no idea of what any exhaust or axleback will sound like. I didn’t want anything too loud, I have a two year old, plus I like my neighbors, so muffler delete was out of the question. Next was an axleback with a muffler. This is where choices become very limited. I could not justify paying double what I paid for the CNT. The only thing I can complain about is why I did not buy this axleback sooner! It was louder than expected but in a good way. I daily drive my WRX 70 miles on interstate daily and the sound is great. No more drone than the factory, and driving around town you forget its even there, but when you get on it, that’s when they start to shine! I would recommend these to anyone in the market.

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