CNT Racing V3 2015-2019 WRX / 2015-2018 STi Sedan axleback 4 inch tip W/ muffler Quad Tip Exhaust Systems silver tip

CNT Racing V3 2015-2019 WRX / 2015-2018 STi Sedan axleback 4 inch tip W/ muffler Quad Tip Exhaust Systems silver tip

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2015-2019 WRX / 2015-2018 STi Sedan
*** Will not fit 2019 STi model with 3 holes flange
This latest version has better over fitment.
The CNT Racing V3 Axle-back with muffler exhaust for the WRX and STI. This is the easiest way to get a little bit more noise and performance out of your WRX or STi.
Stainless stee Piping
Includes Gaskets
Quad 4" Double Wall stagger stainless tip
Will not fit SPT mid pipe 

4 inch muffler
Easy Installation
Increased Performance and Sound

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
The absolute best bang for your buck!

I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase of the CNT V3 Axleback Exhaust. The buying process was smooth, shipping was quick and I have zero complaints with CNT as a company.
As far as the exhaust itself, the sound is intoxicating and the build quality, particularly the skillful welds, equals or exceeds that of the Magnaflow (BMW 128i) and Invidia (Nissan 370Z) performance exhausts I have owned in the past - and neither of those exhausts was less than $1,000. Quick side note: both exhausts were for much larger displacement, six cylinder engines and, while both sounded great, all of my friends agree the CNT V3 sounds WAY better on the little 2.0L boxer four.
I gave it four stars as opposed to five only because there is definitely drone with this exhaust, and I don’t feel like the drone has been adequately described in other reviews.
Those other exhausts I mentioned were also described as “drone free” or “minimal drone” and they fit the bill and were unnoticeable at highway speeds. The CNT V3’s drone is not loud or obnoxious, but it is there and it is the first exhaust that I have owned that prompted my wife to ask “why can i still hear your exhaust on the highway?” Just a thought for those out there with families.
With all that said, buy this exhaust and you won’t regret it; it’s a quality product and an outstanding value.


I paid extra for 3 day shipping however they accidentally sent it regular ground. My money was immediately refunded for the expedited shipping. Package was ETA'd for a Monday, exactly one week. However, my packaged arrived late morning the Saturday before to my surprise. Just in time so I could install it without my wife ever knowing about it. Lol. Was extremely well packed and in great condition. I'm not an exhaust or welding expert so I can't comment on the build quality, but looked good. 30 min install! So easy. Gave my car just enough satisfying deep grumbling without being too loud and obnoxious. Quad 4" tips just looks sick! I love it! Price was cheap in my opinion, but not complaining. Would have been 5 stars if my shipping didn't get screwed up.

Great tone

I figured an actual muffler delete would be too loud or obnoxious, this gives the car a much better tone without being too loud. Also, great fitment and quality!

Sounds Great

The sound of my 2019 wrx was too quiet for me. I was searching Youtube for different exhaust systems and came across CNT Muffler Delete and Axleback with muffler. The muffler delete was too loud for my taste and the axle back with muffler was more to my liking. After installing it and hearing the sound for the first time brought a big smile to my face. This is how the WRX should sound.

How the WRX SHOULD sound.

First thanks to the other reviewers. You takes on the CNT helped.
This axle back exhaust was easy to install. The finish, welds and fit into the car is very good. The exhaust arrived extremely well packaged.
Now the sound. Upon the first key turn after installation a smile was instantly on my face. As others noted, during cold start ups the tone is a little loud but not bad enough to get complaints from the neighbors. In all modes the sound is great. No popping or tin can sound like the other imports running around town. This is the way the WRX should sound! Nice price for a much better sound. I am very pleased with my CNT axle back. Get this now, you will not regret it.

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