CNT Subaru Top Mount Intercooler 15+ WRX/14+ Forester XT/ 2010+ Legacy GT Turbo


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The factory intercooler setup is quite inefficient and does not allow your engine to produce anywhere near its full potential.
The CNT Top Mount Intercooler has less than a psi of back pressure, unleashing horsepower and response and reducing the load on the turbocharger. The air going into your engine is also cooler, thanks to the free-flow bar and plate design of the much larger intercooler core.
Aluminum Bar & Plate core
Core Dimensions: 330mm x 260mm x 90mm
Cast Aluminum End Tanks
Supports up to 440hp
High-response, high-flow design
Applied Models:
Legacy GT: 2010+ [2.0, 2.5-liter turbocharged]
Forester XT: 2014+ [2.0-liter turbocharged]
Impreza WRX: 2015+ [2.0-liter turbocharged]

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