CNT Racing test pipes For 10-17 Hyundai Genesis V6

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CNT Racing 10-17 Hyundai Genesis V6 test pipes
- Made with SUS304 Stainless Steel Construction
- Brush stainless steel finish, 2.5 inch Dual Piping
- CNC Machined Flanges
Items Included:
2 test pipe , bolts and gasket are included.
Not for sale in the state of California.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
I love the product

The product is good the only thing was it didn’t come with enough bolts but other than that I love the test pipes

CNT Test Pipes

Was looking for more sound as I currently have a muffler delete on the stock exhaust. The test pipes definitely woke it up and made it sound very aggressive! Highly recommend.

Test pipes

Added the test pipes to my V3 catback exhaust. Sound is perfect with a thick, mid-range tone with no rasp or drone. 100% satisfied and highly recommend.



CNT V3 Catback and test pipes

oh i have a lot to say. Since i can't write a review on the catback exhaust for the v6 genesis coupe since its probably sold out or probably discontinued, im gonna type it here on the test pipes since i also got the test pipes as well. First off, when i got catback and test pipes, i went to get it installed at a exhaust shop. After it was installed, the resonator was scratching the drive shaft, so i had to go back to the exhaust shop, they had to to force the resonator down a put hangers on the frame of my car so it prevents further damage to the drive shaft.There was so many exhaust leaks ESPECIALLY from the test pipes. The driver side exhaust tip is hanging lower than the passenger. The mufflers were spitting out so much fiber glass, i had to call cnt for replacements, i got the replacement mufflers and they also were shooting out fiber glass but not as much as the first mufflers. i had to weld every bolt on spots because of the amount of leaks. its not leaking anymore but now i wont be able to get replacements since everything is welded. the replacement mufflers are almost hollow now since most of the fiber glass is coming out so now it sounds stupid. dont get me wrong it sounds so good at the beginning but overtime the fiber glass is almost gone and now it sounds tinny. SAVE YOUR MONEY! i know its affordable than the other exhaust systems out there but i would save a little more to get a better exhaust. Now i have to save up about $1200 dollars so i can get new ARK dowpipes, ARK test pipes and ISR cat back exhaust since everything is welded. So many problems, i wasted about $1000 in this exhaust system including the installation, and i know i wont get that money back.

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